Equipment Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Through a subcontract with Writing Assistance Inc., ENCORE is writing equipment manuals for a line of automated heat exchangers used in the food industry to pasteurize liquids. The manuals will train end-users on the installation, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the heat exchangers.

Standard Operating Procedures for Manufacturing

TransGard Systems Inc., of New Freedom, PA, contracted with ENCORE to write SOPs for their manufacturing operation. The company is a leader in the field of specialized protective fencing for electrical substations and related facilities. ENCORE will write SOPs to enhance quality control by standardizing raw materials receipt and inspection and finished product manufacturing and assembly practices.

Fukushima Support Contract

IBEX Corp. awarded a contract to ENCORE to provide support to Exelon Corp. for the licensing of modifications to Exelon's 17 nuclear power plants. These are plant modifications mandated by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission based on lessons learned from its investigation of the accident at the Japanese Fukushima power plants arising from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami there.

Support to Pennsylvania's Public Safety Radio System

Harris Corporation awarded a contract to ENCORE to provide engineering and project management support for PA-STARnet, Pennsylvania's statewide 800 MHz public safety radio system. PA-STARnet allows seamless communication between state agencies, police, first responders and others, and is used for both routine and emergency communication of voice and data. ENCORE personnel will support Harris' work with state agencies on radio equipment implementation.

Nuclear Power Plant Procedures

Through a subcontract, ENCORE provided support to Duke Energy's McGuire Nuclear Station near Charlotte, NC. Duke is transitioning 60 power plant procedures currently handled by other departments to their plant Operations Group. ENCORE is updating and rewriting existing plant procedures to make them easier for new users. ENCORE's technical experience in the areas of chemistry, radiation protection, power plant maintenance and complex mechanical systems provides the right technical background for this complex task.

VLLW Technical Report

ENCORE has been awarded a subcontract to edit and format a report describing how France and Spain are handling and processing a special category of radioactive waste called very low-level waste (VLLW). These countries are ahead in dealing with this issue, and their practices can serve as a model for others. The report will be made available to U.S. utilities through the Electric Power Research Institute.

Nuclear Industry Documentation

Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Systems, Inc. awarded a contract to ENCORE to prepare administrative and technical procedures for their new U.S. headquarters. Their headquarters was established to license the Mitsubishi Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor (APWR) design in the United States.

Arabic Translation Services

A manufacturer of anti-terrorism security products (company is confidential) exhibiting their equipment at an international security trade show in Kuwait awarded ENCORE a contract to perform English-to-Arabic and Arabic-to-English technical translation services.

Maintenance Reliability Group

Maintenance Reliability Group (York, PA) awarded ENCORE a contract to provide technical writing services for a large report on electrical substation battery failure analysis. The project-for the Canadian Electricity Association's R&D subsidiary is examining battery and battery charger failure mechanisms for valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, and advanced maintenance strategies to prevent failures.

DRS Power Technology, Inc.

DRS Power Technology (Fitchburg, MA) awarded ENCORE a contract to write an operations and maintenance manual for their new PRE34-600 permanent magnet, brushless, electric motor. Rated at 600 horsepower, the motor has an extremely high torque density and is widely used in oil drilling and other harsh duty cycle applications.

Electric Power Research Institute

EPRI, based in Palo Alto, CA, awarded ENCORE a contract to investigate the nuclear power plant applications of a novel industrial fastener that senses if it loosens while in service, and to present a paper on the technology at a nuclear industry conference.


AREVA NP awarded a contract to ENCORE to provide writing and editing services for 13,000-page Final Safety Analysis Report supporting the U.S. certification of the company's new nuclear reactor design, the EPR (Evolutionary Power Reactor).

Penn State College of Medicine

ENCORE received a contract from Penn State to provide writing support for a major funding proposals to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and to the Robert wood Johnson Foundation.

Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics (Harrisburg, PA) awarded a contract to ENCORE to write a series of electrical performance reports on one of Tyco's specialized electrical connectors. The connectors are part of a line of matched impedance connectors widely used in high-speed data networks. The describes the mechanical design and electrical performance of the connectors in both stand-alone and system applications. The reports are widely used by third-party system designers to understand and model a connector's performance in their particular applications.

ENCORE Assists Solutions 1st, LLC

Solutions 1st, LLC, a technology services company in Wheaton, MD serving the electric utility industry, awarded a contract to ENCORE to provide engineering support to one of their nuclear industry clients. The approximately three month contract calls for ENCORE to assist Solutions 1st in developing plans for nuclear power plants to investigate new digital control technologies. ENCORE will provide expertise on fieldbus control networks and help Solutions 1st address technology deployment issues.

Autism Education

ENCORE was awarded a contract with the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network, part of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, to develop a computer-based training course on autism spectrum disorder. The course will explain basic facts about autism and describe in detail the four-pronged approach used in Pennsylvania to educate children with autism.

Distream, Inc.

ENCORE was awarded a contract by DiStream, Inc. of Jacksonville, FL to develop technical marketing literature. DiStream has a unique technology for removing artifacts from highly compressed images sent over the Internet, and then displaying those images as broadcast-quality video. Currently DiStream is in licensing discussions with media companies for using their proprietary technology for video-on-demand services, and is in the midst of a large regional test of the technology.

York County Emergency Response

ENCORE is working with York County, Pennsylvania to write grants to secure telecommunications company funding for improving emergency response within the county. The goal is to develop a mobile command center that can be deployed during emergencies to better coordinate the responses of police, fire, and other first responders.