After many years of blogging, and consistent with my desire to move toward retirement, we have ended the Insights blog. Thanks to Doug Bedell for his years of blog support.


We are communicators of technology, primarily through the written word.  We are also lovers of technology because it is our epoch’s best example of human creativity; the diversity of our technology is a constant source of wonder and pleasure.

So ENCORE Insights is a technical writing blog, and more.

ENCORE Technical Resources, Inc. is based in Boston, MA. Contact Dennis Owen, President and Principal Engineer, at 717-608-1230. E-mail:

This ENCORE Insights blog is administered by Doug Bedell, of Resource Relations, Cornwall, PA. Phone: 717-273-1040. E-mail:

Dennis and Doug are long-time friends and associates. They worked together in the post-accident cleanup of Three Mile Island Unit 2, Doug in Communications and Dennis in Engineering.

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