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South From Alaska (Sarah’s Song)

Posted on March 2, 2010
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Sarah Palin…what thoughts does that name invoke?  Obviously, that depends on your politics.  But in a just world her name would invoke much more than an unthinking reaction based on her— and your — place on the political continuum.  Politics aside, she should be respected for her quite remarkable accomplishments.  Athlete (cross-country and Alaska state championship basketball team), beauty pageant winner, sports reporter (TV and print), city mayor, governor of Alaska (first woman and youngest at 42), candidate for vice president, best-selling author, television commentator, self-made millionaire.  If you dismiss that record of accomplishment based on politics, it says much more about you than it does about her.

With these thoughts rolling around in my head, my iPod shuffle offered up Johnny Horton’s North to Alaska.  So here, with apologies to Johnny, is:

South from Alaska

Sarah left Wasilla, with important work to do
The first woman and the youngest, state governor at forty-two
She traveled south to Juneau, to try things new and bold
She fought for all Alaskans
And her years up there were gold

Sarah crossed Alaska’s mountains, to St. Paul she was bound
With husband Todd and children, the newest face around
She spoke about her family, and the need to set things right
The hockey mom from Alaska, brought down the house that night

The country is fallin’
The people are callin’
South from Alaska
Go south to lead the charge
South from Alaska
Go south to lead the charge

This country needs a leader, who loves this blessed land
Who with heart and soul believes it is, the last best hope of man
Who will stand proud and proclaim it, over land and air and seas
Our principles are simple, and those principles are these

I am my brother’s keeper, you can leave that up to me
Those who seek to harm us, will soon the eagle see
The wealth of this great nation, must be in the people’s hands
There’s peace on earth before us, if one with God we’ll stand

CHORUS (end)

Well that’s my modest contribution to the Sarah Palin story.  It is modest indeed, and there are a number of lines that are weak and just don’t click. Send me your markups ( and we’ll beef up the lyrics together (giving you credit of course), and Insights will publish our much improved version of Sarah’s song.

By the way, as pro-Palin as this posting sounds, I personally don’t think she should run.  I see her role as a conservative gadfly, prodding the next Republican administration to hew to its libertarian principles. — Dennis Owen


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