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Communicating From a Kitchen Table

Posted on June 27, 2012
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It’s amazing how resourceful people can be in this ready-access virtual world with all the Internet-related tools at our disposal. Claire Broadley, of Leeds, England, explains on The Huffington Post how she runs her technical writing/web development business, Red Robot Media, virtually from her kitchen table.

Claire recommends using the cloud as a virtual office and storage space. That certainly frees up kitchen space for tasks having more directly to do with survival. Then Claire uses Teamwork web-based project management software.

At Encore, we typically use clients’ office space, so kitchen countertops aren’t an issue for us. But, we have to cheer on a competitor who makes such resourceful use of the space available to her. We’re living in a keyboard-prompted world, and the keyboards – battery-powered or not, portable or not – are becoming so readily available that  they’re leading to debates, as in our last post, about whether we even need to learn handwriting anymore. (We think we do.)

Claire Broadley has been at her kitchen table technical writing business long enough to have learned some things from it, which she graciously provides in a list that will be of interest to many solo entrepreneurs. “Just go with it!” sums them all up.

“Don’t forget,” she advises, “work comes in waves. If things dry up for a week, don’t fret. Take a short holiday, go for a walk or catch up with your chores. All of these things will help you keep your life in balance, and a well-rested mind is more focused when the hard times come.”

Yes, work comes, providing you’ve organized for it to arrive and have done effective enough marketing for that to happen.  Red Robot Media obviously has, and we salute Claire Broadley as an especially effective kitchen table entrepreneur. – Doug Bedell


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